LIC Gymnastic Team Program Preschool: Ages 3-5

        This 45 minute class is filled with excitement as the children get to work on gross-motor development through fun and engaging activities. Through play we develop habits of stretching and working the whole body. Their balance, strength and confidence is greatly increased through our dynamic teaching style.

Recreational Gymnastics: Ages 6+

        Boys & Girls classes range in levels, as well as, age ranges. These 55-minute classes are offered for 6-9 y/o and older classes for 10+ y/os. All Olympic gymnastics events are taught in these levels with focus on building strength and flexibility leading to skills taught in competitive team gymnastics. The first 15 minutes focuses on strength, cardio, and flexibility training with the next 30 minutes working on 2 Olympic events alternating every other week. The last 10 minutes is used for review, trampolines, and one-on-one training.

Team Gymnastics: Ages 4-24

        Our team program is offered to both boys and girls filled with flexibility allowing 5-30 hours of training per week depending on your athletes and families lifestyle making this an ideal program for all gymnasts. LIC Gymnastics competes in both the USA-Gymnastics (USAG) program and also the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF) (through level 6).