LIC (Living in Christ) Gymnastics teaches serious gymnastics through fun and dynamic ways. If a child is having fun, the possiblities are endless. Our unique, fun, and tough philsophy runs through out our recreational and team programs as we do NOT just teach gymnastics, but believe in teaching life skills.

        Fear is a natural emotional response to new and difficult situations. Performing the movement, however, is expected when the gymnast is ready, which cultivates a mental toughness in the gymnast and sense of accomplishment. This mental sharpness fosters a Can Do attitude that is essential for success in life and gymnastics.

      Perfectionism is desired, which means that athletes are not required to be perfect, but to do their personal best. Winning and losing is not what matters, but executing movements as perfect as their strength, flexibility, mental acuity, and skill allows. We know that all children are at different levels and abilities so we gladly welcome the diversity.

      Learning, understanding, and experiencing that Hard Work Pays Off is essential in life. The gymnasts will get out what they put in as they practice gymnastics in class and at home. You reap what you sow and teaching this from a young age is important for children to learn how work and responsiblity.