LIC Gymnastic Team Program

        From Oregon, but now living in Dallas, TX, LIC (Living in Christ) Gymnastics was started by Jesse Lowe at age 27 in 2012. His love for children, gymnastics, building, business, pushing the body to its limits, and for God are now all being utilized at LIC Gymnastics.

        By God's grace, Jesse Lowe, came to know the Lord at a young age. Growing up, however, brought numerous trials and difficulties to his life. Upon graduating college he started several different companies. Although financially successful, there was still soooo much missing. He wasn't joful and knew God had bigger and better plans than just making lots of money. He moved to Peru and spent 9 months serving others and the Lord. He saw the needs of those in other countries and desires to help them through his passion for children, gymnastics, and business that God gave him leading into the decision of creating LIC Gymnastics LLC.

        Currently, Jesse Lowe is pursuing his masters and running LIC Gymnastics as the director and coaching the competitive girls team. Jesse Lowe's brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the LIC Gymnastics team including 9 years teaching movement and designing gross motor curriculum for clients ranging from professional athletes to children with disabilities. His Bachelors of Science in Exercise and Sports Science coupled with Lowe’s far reaching experience, gives him extensive knowledge of anatomical kinesiology and an extraordinary insight into dynamic movement in training and performance environments for gymnastics.